Start saving now

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a young person is to think that you can’t afford to save money. The reality is you can’t afford not to, and the sooner you start saving, the better!
Most people aren’t aware how much they spend on frivolous items every day! If you don’t think you have money in your budget to begin saving right now, then I have a challenge for you.
For one week, write down everything you spend money on, and I mean everything! At the end of the week, review the purchases you’ve made. The results will be a big eye opener!
Saving money isn’t rocket science! It’s about changing your spending habits, reducing impulse purchases and finding ways to enjoy life at a fraction of the cost. I can think of 3 quick examples of how to save money right off the bat – Instead of stopping for coffee at Starbucks each morning, take a cup that you’ve brewed at home; Brown-bag it to work instead of buying food from the deli; Have movie nights at home instead of spending the insane amount of money it costs to take the family out. By adopting these habits, you’ll have money available for saving.
One of the first things you should consider is a 401(k), a retirement savings plan. If you can contribute through your employer, then do so, particularly if they match your contributions.
As a parent, your best bet is to invest in your child’s education with a 529 tax-advantaged savings plan. The money in these plans is invested in assets that become safer and more liquid as your child approaches college age.
Whatever you decide, it’s important to remember to stay invested for the long term and be aware of investment costs. The lower you pay to the agent of the investment, the more there will be for you!

Saving money takes discipline, but you’ll thank yourself down the road when you see the rewards and if an online cash advance or even is not available to you, by having the money saved you will no longer need to draw upon this kind of borrowing.…